4S Timeline — Advice to mentors

Application Information:

  1. List of Colleges
  • Early: Action vs Decision

2. Interview Preparation (good life skill, too!)

3. Rigor of Schedule

  • Transcript

4. Personal Statements

  • UC Applications (4 of 8 topics)

5. GPA

6. AP/IB Scores

7. SAT/ACT Scores

  • Subject Tests

8. Extracurricular Activities

9. Teacher Recommendations

SAT Testing Information:

[August 29]

  • Registration deadline — July 31, 2020

[September 26]

  • Registration deadline — August 26, 2020

Things to Clarify:

-Difference between Early Action and Early Decision


-What is Questbridge and is it right for me?

How It Works — QuestBridgewww.questbridge.org › high-school-students › national-college-match

-Should I take SAT Subject Tests?

What are they? | https://www.princetonreview.com/college/more-sat-subject-test-prep

Some schools require them | https://blog.collegevine.com/what-are-sat-subject-tests/

SAT Subject Tests — Choosing Which Tests to Take — The …collegereadiness.collegeboard.org › sat-subject-tests › about › choosin…

-What are fly-in programs?

College Fly-In and Diversity Programs: A Complete Listblog.collegevine.com › … › Applying to College › College Lists

COMPLETE LIST OF 2019 FLY-IN AND DIVERSITY …blog.collegegreenlight.com › college-fly-in-and-diversity-programs

-Should I compile a portfolio?

Creating a Portfolio for your College Application | CollegeBasicswww.collegebasics.com › planning-for-college › planning-a-portfolio…

Which Colleges Require Portfolios? | College Transitionswww.collegetransitions.com › blog › which-colleges-require-portfolios

-What scholarships are available?

Big List of Scholarships

Another List

Cool Scholarships

Important Dates for Applications:

Here are some more timelines that would be great to reference!

Collegeboard’s Timeline

General but Helpful Timeline



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