Kiana Portillo and Kenji Horigome, both 4S Scholars and graduating seniors from Downtown Magnets High School, were featured on a Los Angeles Times article titled, "The unentitled kids: California’s new generation of star college applicants." Read more here.

On June 27, 2021, we held our 3rd annual Celebration of 4S Scholars, congratulating our 2021 4S Scholars who are soon-to-be college freshmen as well as welcoming our incoming class of 2022 4S Scholars who are eager to begin their journey of college applications.

Application Information:

  1. List of Colleges
  • Early: Action vs Decision
  • Regular

2. Interview Preparation (good life skill, too!)

3. Rigor of Schedule

  • Transcript
  • AP/IB Classes

4. Personal Statements

  • UC Applications (4 of 8 topics)
  • Common Application topics
  • School supplemental essays

5. GPA

6. AP/IB Scores

7. SAT/ACT Scores

  • Subject Tests


  • Every student wishes to maximize their opportunities for admission to the college of their choice, but far too often their applications are based on misplaced priorities.
  • Selective colleges look at seven elements of a student's application, and those elements are specifically ordered in importance!



The 4S Education Foundation is happy to announce that several students in our cohort of 2019–2020 have already heard great news from the schools where they applied. (1) Virginia Valdez has been admitted to Bucknell College with full financial aid. (2) Griselda Chavez has been offered admission to USC with the likelihood of an all-inclusive scholarship to follow! (3) Cynthia Ge has been offered the Regent’s Scholarship to attend UC Berkeley. (4) Esmeralda Amaya has received several acceptances, most recently Seattle Pacific. (5) Minami Homma was accepted by the nursing program at Hawaii Pacific. Many other members of this class have heard good news from local colleges, such as Cal States and UC schools, and all are waiting to hear in March from their top choices. We can’t wait to find out!

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Mentoring students and providing financial aid for ambitious and resilient college applicants.

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